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Tax Reassessment Assistance

If you have purchased a new home in Southern California in the past few years there is a good chance that your property has declined in value. Unfortunately, your assessor may not automatically adjust your assessed value to your home’s current market value.

In many neighborhoods, home values have declined more than $100,000.  A $100,000 decline in value can translate to a $1,200 a year reduction in property taxes.  That's $10,000 over 8.3 years!

We offer 3 services to help you address a home value decline with your tax assessor.
Market Data
We will provide you with the sales, listings, and pending sales/properties in escrow in your area so you can complete the county ‘Decline-in-Value Reassessment Application’ yourself.
We will provide you with an analysis of similar sales that you can attach to the ‘Decline-in-Value Reassessment Application’.   Once ordered, we will provide you with a brief questionnaire, complete the analysis, and email it to you along with the county application for tax reassessment which is a short, 1 page form.  We will even help you to complete it.  Click HERE for a sample.
We will perform a standard real estate appraisal for you to attach to the ‘Decline-in-Value Reassessment Application’.  This

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Important Information

  • All fees are subject to a renegotiation based on the complexity of the assignment request, but in most cases the fees quoted above will apply.
  • Although we will provide a very strong argument in our ‘Analysis’ and ‘Appraisal’ products, we cannot guarantee that your assessor will agree and adjust your real estate tax assessment. They are very aware, however, that the market has been in decline recently.  An appeals process may also be available in your area.
  • We cannot guarantee a value prior to completing the 'Analysis' or 'Appraisal' products, that is what the products are for!.
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